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ES4: Knights of the Nine - Review @ GameZone

by Dhruin, 2006-12-19 22:11:26

Knights of the Nine has been reviewed at GameZone.  The score is 8.5/10 and here's a bit on the story:

While past downloads point out the new content, the Knights quest line is inserted into the game’s universe so gamers can take up the quest at any point they wish. The quest is centered in the township of Anvil where you will discover that the Chapel of Dibella has been desecrated and many of the priests have been murdered. Just outside, a man raves that the end is near and once you start talking to him he reveals to you that a wicked servant of evil who was banished to Oblivion has somehow been resurrected and if nobody stops him he could very well threaten the entire realm. So it is up to you to stop this immoral named Umaril and to do so you must journey onward just beyond Cyrodill in order to locate the armor and weapons of the Divine Crusader and thus reclaim the glory of the famed Knights of the Nine.

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