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Gothic 3 - Reviews @ Gameplay Monthly & WorthPlaying

by Kalia, 2006-12-20 13:22:07

Two reviews of Gothic 3 turned up over night. The first comes from Gameplay Monthly that scored the game "B-":

Definitely worth buying if you like RPGs. Will be much different than anything you've tried before if you're new to the Gothic series but it is definitely worth it. The problems with loads and lag probably won't be fixed--it seems like these are issues the games always have, you'll just have to live with it unfortunately. This is a great game that deserves your attention if you want some adventure in a grim and dark fantasy land.
The second review is from Worthplaying that was much harder on Gothic 3, scoring it at 4.5/10.00:
After all is said and done, I’m left with the impression that Gothic 3 could have been an amazing game if at least another full year had been put into it’s development. However, even that estimate is cutting it close. I am at a complete loss as to how this game was given the green light to press and ship; it’s a beta build at best. That said, virtually every flaw is patchable; the most severe problems aren’t buried in the core of the play mechanics and thus can be fixed without having to start from scratch. If the developers give us some heavy handed code-bandages, I predict that one day this will be at the very least an enjoyable RPG, if not the epic and sprawling adventure it was supposed to be. As a viable alternative to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Gothic 3 fails utterly. As a solid follow-up to Gothic 2, it only fails insofar as the glitches are concerned. For now, I say avoid playing this until Piranha Bytes have had a chance to fix it. You’ll save more than just your hard-earned pennies; you’ll also save yourself a considerable amount of stress.


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