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NetDevil - Working on MMO for Major Toy Company @ Kotaku

by Dhruin, 2006-12-20 21:50:41

Kotaku has word of a conversation with NetDevil where they apparently informed them they would double the size of the studio to next year to accomodate work on a new project:

During the discussion they mentioned that they are looking to double, as in going from 50 to about 100, the size of the company next year. A large part of that, it seems, is due to a major new project they've landed. While they wouldn't spill any beans they did say it was a massively multiplayer online game for a "major toy company."

Cruising through the job openings there are some tantalizing bits of information. For instance the Gameplay Programmer they are looking for needs to be able to "craft the simplest yet most powerful components to facilitate in-game crafting and designing." In-game crafting you say?

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