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Gothic 3 - Interview & Music @ World of Gothic

by Dhruin, 2006-12-24 23:05:42

World of Gothic has released a German interview with Pirahna Bytes' KaiRo, which delves into some of the reasons for the state of Gothic 3 and their current plans.  An English translation will be released in due course.

Based on a Google translation, KaiRo explains most of the team is still working on patches for G3, with only a small number working on the addon (and possibly future projects?).  The latest v1.12 patch was released as an interim based on community requests.

He goes on to explain their Genome engine was built from the ground up with certain AI capabilities to aid a non-linear and dynamic world but their inexperience with this approach created problems and complications.  They remain dedicated to this approach and hope to refine it in future projects.

In addition, several music tracks have been released.

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