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The Broken Hourglass - Creating Creatures @ Official Site

by Dhruin, 2006-12-27 04:52:26

This week's Planewalker update for The Broken Hourglass looks at using XML files with the WeiNGINE to create and populate the gameworld with creatures:

Broadly speaking, any living being on the screen is a "creature", whether it is the player character, a joinable NPC, a shopkeeper, or a bloodthirsty beast. Like most other WeiNGINE resources, creatures are defined by one or more XML data files.

There are actually three different types of file which can be used to define a creature. The first is the "character" file, a special resource which defines objects which a console player (the person sitting at the computer) can select to start a game session with. Character files are most commonly created using the game's built-in character creation interface, although they may be tweaked or edited once generated, or constructed from scratch if truly desired.

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