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Hero Online: Interview @ GameZone

by Dhruin, 2006-06-13 07:43:00
GzmeZone speaks to Hero Online lead designer, Jack Stanley:
Q: What classes are involved in the game? What races? Does the game follow the standard skill progression trees of most MMORPGs?

Jack: As opposed to races, in the beginning of the game, players will have a choice of four playable characters. These characters will each have their own individual stat and weapon proficiencies. Once reaching level 10, the player can then choose one of four classes (warrior, physician, hunter, assassin) that will have three tiers of classification. When it comes to the skills of the game, the progression will be based off of skill books and skill points. Skill books will be attained through NPCs and quests, while points will be gained through a separate skill-exp meter.

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