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Gas Powered Games - Chris Taylor Interview @ CVG

by Dhruin, 2006-12-27 20:54:51

Gas Powered Games' Chris Taylor has joined Warren Spector (and others) with a PC State of Play interview at CVG.  Here's a sample:

In what areas do you think the PC gaming scene needs to develop, and as a developer what efforts are you making to move it in that direction?

Chris Taylor: That clear challenge for the PC (and honestly, for all platforms) is to come up with new and compelling designs which takes players to someplace new. We can't just keep making the same old games with incremental improvements in the graphics. It's back to evolution vs. revolution, and we are either a) on the brink of a revolution, or b) need to start one. As a developer we "chip away" on this challenge each time we develop a game. Our strategy is to develop something that is both exciting to the "gamer" and that also has financial viability to it on the business side. This is an ongoing challenge, but a challenge we are up to and are working to solve.

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