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ES4: Knights of the Nine - Review @ CVG

by Kalia, 2007-01-04 16:17:58

CVG has a short, sweet review of ES4: Knights of the Nine. Handing over a lukewarm score of 7.4, the reviewer said:

Good as it all is, we're not sure if this lot is worth £20. The problem is that most of the downloadable content is aimed at specific character types: a pure combat character probably won't give a stuff about spell tomes or a Wizard's tower, while the average mage will find the powerful new quest items totally useless. You're far better off just choosing the content you want online, and this works out a hell of a lot cheaper too, even if you buy everything (£12). Is it really worth an extra £8 to own a box and a disc?


Source: Bluesnews

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