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NWN - Darkness over Daggerford Updated to version 1.2

by Txa1265, 2007-01-04 21:45:40

 The latest version can be found at NWVault   or through Gamespot .

 The release notes state:

- Wearable PC cloaks have been added to the game. If you have installed the
game using the v1.2 installer, then you don't have to do anything to see the
cloaks. If you are updating the game using the v1.2 updater, then please read
the file "1.68 Cloak Instructions.txt" (included with the updater) on how to
get the cloaks working. *Note*: Cloaks your character brings into the game that
were created prior to 1.68 are visible but will still show up as beige in
- Fixed stackable items (e.g., arrows) in the Traveller's Trunk in Falias'
wagon to use the maximum stack size instead of just one of that item.
- Fixed piranhas to only bite inside pools.
- Adjusted miscellaneous immobilization issues with the Boonmoppet cutscene
triggered at the Bottom of the Hole.
- Removed duplicate Vetrixia from cliff top after following her into Umgatlik's
- Weapons no longer unequip when hag de-polymorphs player.
- Fixed miscellaneous combat/conversation issues with the dragon in Peredus'
- Gorgomorz is now immune to criticals.
- Veiti now has a better weapon and shield.
- Removed tanarukk cutscene trigger from empty smugglers' cave.
- Fixed Whiteglove's store to open correctly.
- Lula now spawns correctly in Daggerford.
- Olree now spawns reliably in the Blade Cliffs.
- Maerovyna, the Chauntea priestess, now gives her reward.
- Temotimoth shrine now reliably teleports the player into the tomb after
solving the riddle.
- Fixed character auto-export at the end of the final cutscene.

Source: GameSpot

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