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Archlord - Interview @ Stratics

by Inauro, 2007-01-05 22:54:10

Stratics talks with Tim 'Mr.Ktat' Hodges, the Community Liaison Officer for Codemaster's  Archlord about the company's decision to make the game not free to play.

Stratics: When Archlord first came out, you needed to buy the game and pay to play. Why did you make the change to ‘free to download’ and ‘free to play’? Did the game meet subscription expectations as ‘pay to play’? What do you have to say to those people who bought the game? Will this change allow the game to be profitable?

Mr.Ktat: ArchLord is now Fee Free i.e. players are no longer required to pay a subscription fee every month in order to play the game. The game itself is not actually free to purchase.

Players will still need to purchase the box from any of the major games retailers, or through the Codemasters E-store in order to play the game. Customers who purchase ArchLord from any retailer will still receive their in game credits as well, allowing them to enter the Chantra shop and buy items.



Source: Stratics

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