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Vanguard - Updated Preview @ GameSpy

by Inauro, 2007-01-06 22:33:45

GameSpy takes a look at the changes that Vanguard: Saga of Heroes has undergone since its last preview.

I figure that it's best for us to start with a location that has seen the most drastic changes: the High Elves' homeland called Leth Nurae. As one of the oldest locations that beta testers have had access to, Leth Nurae (pictured below in its original state) is a land infused with the magic that is the centerpiece of High Elven society. Of course, to look at the above image, it didn't have quite the impact that Jeff Butler, Executive Producer and President of Sigil, had hoped for. In an interview a couple of months ago, he stated, "I want everyone that plays Vanguard to be able to enter the game and, within minutes, see some kind of vista or terrestrial feature that will astonish them; that they have to take a moment and just admire the world we've created for them."

Source: GameSpy

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