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The Broken Hourglass - Story & First Screens @ Official Site

by Dhruin, 2007-01-08 08:49:15

Planewalker's update for The Broken Hourglass this week is Chapter 5 of the story On the Fly, which brings this serial to a cliffhanger conclusion:

In that instant, Lyrio realized he would crash. He had to make a choice if he wanted to avoid it. He could maintain his grip on Zephra, and the glider frame would inevitably break in two. They would both tumble into whatever fate the remains of the maelstrom had in store. His alternative was letting go of Zephra's dead weight. He might manage the glider over the city walls with a lighter load on the frame, perhaps as far as the channel if he took it gently. The leapwood creaked and bowed as Zephra continued to hang limply over the crossbar. Lyrio made his decision. He swept the glider as low as he could, until the fragments of supporting walls threatened to scrape their knees. It wouldn't be such a bad fall, Lyrio thought bravely. He might even manage a full landing if he was lucky...

Lyrio blinked as a wall seemed to appear out of nowhere before him. The air swelled in a buzzing aftershock, and he reacted in blind terror.

...and the first three in-game screens are on offer, showing a fight in the arena, the city streets and a long-forgotten tomb.

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