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Vanguard - First Impressions @ Eurogamer & GamersInfo.net

by Inauro, 2007-01-08 21:26:54

 Eurogamer and GamersInfo.net share some first impressions of Sigil's upcoming MMORPG, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.


Perhaps, on reflection, Sigil Games might feel that putting the word "Saga" into the name was asking for trouble. Calling a game a "Saga" of anything, aside from inviting silly jokes about old age pensioners that don't play very well beyond England's shores, also practically guarantees that your development process will indeed become a Saga - a long, drawn out and somewhat painful experience abounding with whispered half-truths and vague generalisations. Still - even given the number of misconceptions and conflicting views which exist on the topic of Vanguard, Sigil's developers can at least count themselves lucky that they avoided the "Forever" pitfall, eh?


I'm one of those people who is a fan of MMO's in general. If it has multiple people playing together online, I'll probably at least try it. It was Christmas seven years ago that my husband and I bought one another our first MMO, his and hers copies of Everquest, and I've been hooked on MMO's ever since. So when we had an opportunity to join Vanguard beta and take an early look at the game, I was more than a little excited. I knew enough about the game and Brad McQuaid to know that this game had potential to take me back to those glory days of my first MMO. While Vanguard hasn't quite done that, I do see many similarities to the early days of Everquest, though already I can see design decisions which are an improvement over some of the things I didn't enjoy in EQ. The one thing I will say right from the start, though, is that if you are considering playing this game in release, upgrade your computer system with your extra Christmas money, or tax refund, now. It doesn't matter if you just upgraded six months ago. To play Vanguard you are going to at least need a new video card. Let me begin by explaining why.

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