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Gods & Heroes - Second View @ RPG Vault

by Inauro, 2007-01-10 21:17:22

RPG Vault has updated its impressions of God and Heroes: Rome Rising following a second viewing.

The combination of the historical setting and legendary elements is instantly familiar without seeming to present just another interpretation of high fantasy. The primary focus appears to be providing an action RPG-like experience, which suggests the learning curve will be accessible for a wide range of gamers, both hardcore and occasional, who also rate to appreciate the strong emphasis on missions. Combat promises to be different. In particular, the squad-based aspect that includes recruiting, training and customizing followers looks potentially innovative. The god system in which each class can choose one or two to worship, thereby gaining special abilities and powers, is also of interest. The visuals are quite attractive.

Source: RPG Vault

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Gods & Heroes

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