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Jade Empire - Special Edition CES Preview @ FiringSquad

by Dhruin, 2007-01-10 21:31:02

The next site to traipse to CES and deliver a Jade Empire preview is FiringSquad.  Here's one of the three paragraphs on offer:

Jade Empire is a fantasy game that takes a lot of inspiration from Asian mythology as well as kung fu movies. Your character is learning to be a martial artist when the game begins; naturally the character gets caught up in events that force him to learn to become a fighter quickly to deal with an external threat. If you played and enjoyed the Xbox version you will be happy to know that the PC port will contain a few new items such as weapons and fighting styles. The most impressive version in the PC version is in the visual look of the game. The graphics are quite good from the lighting effects to the natural enviroments like tall grass that your character moves through. The character models are a bit on the low polygon side but overall the graphics don't look as dated as you might expect from a port of a two year old Xbox title.

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Jade Empire: SE

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