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Hellgate London - Multiplayer Confusion

by Dhruin, 2007-01-11 00:18:22

The issue of subscriptions for Hellgate: London has emerged as a hot topic across the 'net, with several large sites running the topic.  It seems the issue isn't actually clear-cut, although one suspects some form of fee will exist somewhere.  Hellgate Guru has this interview with Community Manager Ivan Sulic:

You folks are the talk of the internet.

Lots of hubbub over some Bill quote or misquote. I haven't even been able to follow up on just what he said yet. The directors still have not finalized what exactly our online component will be. So Moses didn't have the good lord blast a $500 a month price tag into stone or whatever.

Meanwhile, GameSpy PC Chief Editor "Sluggo" mentioned on the Qt3 forums they had spoken to Bill Roper:

For the record, I talked to Roper this morning, who said they've made absolutely zero decisions or announcements on something like a subscription fee for Hellgate. He acknowledges that, once you go down the MMO path and you have customer service costs, you're going to need money to support that, but there's any of a number of models that could be used: a monthly fee, the Guild Wars model, or something else entirely.

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