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Gothic 3 - Review @ ToTheGame

by Txa1265, 2007-01-12 14:02:29

ToTheGame has done a review of Gothic 3 "since it has been out for a while" and gives it a 7/10 final assessment, noting much fun and much frustration:

The Gothic series of games, of which there are two so far, have always been a bit elusive of the mainstream RPG crowd. They are hard games and adding to being hard, also have had their large share of bugs and problems. The third offering from the German developer Piranha Bytes comes as some sort of a mixed bag; it can go from being incredibly annoying to being great fun in a very short time and vice versa. We've taken a closer look at the game now that it has been out for a little while and Piranha Bytes have had the time to release a few patches.



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