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PotBS - Site Relaunch, New Content

by Dhruin, 2007-01-12 21:13:17

The official Pirates of the Burning Sea site has been overhauled and relaunched.  Along with the new design, they have 12 new screens on offer and a devlog from Lead Software Engineer, Joe Ludwig:

In September at the Austin Game Conference I attended a lecture on MMO metric collection using the Emergent Metrics Element. This was a similar talk to the one that Larry Mellon gave at Game Developer's Conference 2004 on metric collection in The Sims Online. After that talk we implemented something similar to the system he described. It was able to capture sample data points on as many probes as we wanted and logged a few things about the actors involved whenever those things happened. After the Austin conference I sat down with the designers here to find out what kind of data they want to be able to collect from the beta (and soon from the live game) and found something interesting: none of the queries they wanted could be performed with our existing metric system. In almost every case they wanted more context than was actually available in the data.

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