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MGAME Corp - Interview @ Stratics

by Inauro, 2007-01-14 03:39:55

Stratics talks with David Shin, Marketing/PR Manager at MGame USA, about the company's successes in the US market.

Stratics: MGame is a very established company in Korea, successfully branching out internationally. Is MGame USA, Inc., attaining the market that was hoped for?

David: We are close to reaching our goal. It has been only about 8 months since we published our first game, and it is difficult to meet our goal in this short period of time. The launches of The Legend of AresHero Online certainly gave us a lot of experience with how to work and service the Western MMORPG players. We are about to launch Scions of Fate, which is the largest MMORPG in Asia right now, plus Ghost Online sometime this summer, so we will meet our goal when we complete the launches of these two games. and


Source: Stratics

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