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Gamasutra - Anatomy of Development Contract

by Dhruin, 2007-01-14 22:24:22

While completely off-topic, Gamasutra has a fascinating -- though dry -- feature that fully reveals the depths of a game development contract.  Call of Duty: The Finest Hour developer Spark recently filed suit against Activision for beach of contract and with the contract filed as an exhibit and unsealed by the court, Gamasutra has posted the entire contract, including all terms and the detailed milestone payment breakdown.

While not exactly entertaining reading (and amounting to 15 pages of complex legalise), this is fascinating material for anyone interested in the business side of game making.  Gamasutra has provided a page-by-page analysis from three attorneys to assist in understanding the document.

Among the details are that Activision retained all rights to all material including development tools created in the process, that Spark was responsible for all patches for "a reasonable period of time", the full details of their royalty agreement including the extensive costs excluded and, as mentioned, the milestone payments for the $8.5M development.  Head here to read the entire document - bring a stiff drink and plenty of time with you.

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