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Gods - LoI - Special Edition Completed

by Dhruin, 2007-01-15 20:39:23

Cypron Studios has an announcement on their site that the Special Edition of Gods: Lands of Infinity has been completed:

GODS LoI SE has finally been completed. Many players have been curious about the changes between the original version and the special edition. We spent quite a time in attempt to add as many new features as possible. The outcome was a game dressed in a completely new, more attractive fashion boosted with various bonus stuff. We bet you wouldn't tell it's the same game by the look at some of the new screenshots!

  • Starring Kyla Cole as a Lead Heroine
  • Powered by the Latest Build (All Patches Included)
  • Polished Graphics with More Detailed Enviroment
  • Brand New Main Menu and Graphic User Interface
  • Smoother Animation
  • Expanded Alchemy
  • Brand New Game Soundtrack and Gods OST CD
  • Boosted Sound Effects
  • Bonus Weapons and Armours
  • Gods Kyla Cole 2007 Calendar

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