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NWN - DLA on Boycotting NWN 2 @ NWN 2 Warcry

by Kalia, 2006-05-29 19:51:00
NWN 2 Warcry is carrying the latest information about the recent cancellation of NWN premium mods. Many people in various and sundry places around the internet have echoed this poster's sentiments:

I know I will be doing my (admittedly small) part by not purchasing ANY Atari supported products.

Yes, I know this also hurts NWN2 and Obsidian (well, my rather small self won't, but perhaps if enough follow my lead, it will). I think Obsidian is big enough to survive such.

Steel_Wind, leader of DLA, has posted the following on their forums and it bears repeating here:

Please. Let's not do this.

Buy the game if you want to buy the game. I know I will (seeing as I somehow now doubt that Atari or even OE will be sending DLA a free copy).

I spent four years doing this. And while there are a whole complex layered number of reasons as to how and why and motives and assumptions as to why I got involved in all of this...

There's no way I would ever have done any of it without loving this damn game, what it was about and what it could become - or loving being a part of this community too.

And the rest of the folks at DLA think the same way. Their motives, hopes, dreams and talents may differ - but that golden thread runs through each and every one of the people in DLA. They love the game and the community that has grown around it and that they are very much a part of.

We tried to make the game better and the community better and give you great toys to play with and - we hope - a great adventure you'll enjoy playing. We are not going to bail or walk away in a snit without delivering on that.

No way in hell will we let that happen.

But I would hate to have someone point at DLA as a rallying cry to wreck this community or somehow diminish it. Even in a small way.

Don't do that. Please. Not in our name. That would be a sad way to repay something which has been such a large part of our lives.

Source: NWN 2 Warcry

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