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WoW - Interview @ CVG

by Inauro, 2007-01-16 21:35:28

CVG talks with World of Warcraft Game Designer Jon LeCraft and Blizzard's Vice President of Business Development Itzik Ben Bassat.

World of Warcraft's been massively successful. How difficult has it been coming up with content that tops what you've already done with the game?

Itzik Ben Bassat: We do things from passion. We have this large list of features that we want to get into World of Warcraft, and we pick the features we can get into one expansion.

It's not like looking for features that will get into the expansion, it's deciding which features will not get to this expansion... we'll get to them in the next one. As long as we have stories to tell, and we feel we can create great entertainment, we'll do it.

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