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Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars Review @ Games Radar

by Kalia, 2006-06-13 15:59:00
Games Radar has their review of Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars available for your viewing pleasure. Handing Spellforce a 9/10 rating, this is what they're saying:
Sadly, SpellForce 2 will probably suffer the fate of other misunderstood greats: gamers who played the cruder (but promising) Spellforce may be understandably wary, and anyone tired of Diablo-cum-Dungeon Siege will probably view it as "sequel shovelware." But try it and see for yourself. For just forty bucks, you're getting the gaming equivalent of a giganto-Whatchamacallit bar.
The read begins here.
Source: Blue's News

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