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ES4: Knights of the Nine - Review @ AtomicGamer

by Dhruin, 2007-01-17 21:27:22

AtomicGamer has awarded 78% to Bethsoft's Knights of the Nine, despite lamenting the value compared to some of the quality community mods available.  Here's a snip on the new quest line:

As you go through Knights, you'll notice that there aren't really any new technical tricks or the like here.  As with many of the factions and downloaded add-ons, you'll get your own stronghold to use in the process of rebuilding the order, and you will even get the chance to bring a Knight with you into battle - whether it's to further the Knights or to work on other quests out in the world.  While Oblivion doesn't have the classic "Paladin" seen in many RPGs, these holy knights are about as close as you can get.

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