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Depths of Peril - Interview @ FiringSquad

by Dhruin, 2007-01-19 22:57:12

New indie developer Soldak has been interviewed at FiringSquad about Depths of Peril.  It's an interesting discussion with Steven Peeler saying he left Ritual (Sin, Elite Force 2) specifically to make an RPG and other tidbits such as they won't be using cutting edge graphics so they can maintain a lot of characters on screen at once.  Here's a reminder on the basic gameplay:

FiringSquad: How would you describe the gameplay for Depths of Peril?

Steven Peeler: Depths of Peril is an action RPG with a strategy backend. Much of the time you are adventuring around, solving quests, killing monsters, and finding better items. But at the same time you are trying to destroy the rest of the covenants in your town so that you can become the next leader of the city. Becoming the city’s next leader takes lots of diplomacy to stay alive, and wars and raids to kill off your enemies.

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