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Archlord: Races @ IGN

by Inauro, 2006-06-14 06:44:00
Over the coming week IGN will be taking a closer look at the playable races in Codemasters' upcoming MMO Archlord. The series kicks off with The Moon Elves.
The Moon Elves

The Moon Elves are a race that was once considered Elves but have become mutated through their use of the dark spirits. Once one of three of the great elf races that inhabited the Nordenland during the 2nd period, they were the first race to fall in the Great War. As a result of this devastating war most of the male population where annihilated, a few where able to escape and together with the women hide themselves from the outside world in the shadows. As time went on the women took it upon themselves to replace the male position and learnt to master the fine arts of hunting and magic. The few remaining men were banished from combat, as they were to precious a commodity. Through a cruel twist of fate the remaining men only seem capable of producing more women. Thus the Moon Elves were forced to step from their shadowy world and start exploring for additional breeding options, and this is how they came to be known by the Orcs and Humans.

They where so ashamed of this action that they chose to hide themselves in the dark for centuries, only revealing themselves once their land was invaded by the Orcs and Humans.
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