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TQ: Immortal Throne - Interview @ GameBanshee

by Dhruin, 2007-01-26 21:27:58

Iron Lore producer Mike Verrette has been interviewed at GameBanshee about their upcoming Titan Quest expansion, Immortal Throne:

GB: When did development of Titan Quest: Immortal Throne actually begin and where do you currently stand in the expansion's development cycle?

Mike: Production on Titan Quest - Immortal Throne began in early June, just a few short weeks after we went gold on the original Titan Quest. Even while we were wrapping up work on Titan Quest we were already working on creating feature lists and determining what types of changes and improvements we wanted to make in the expansion. That allowed us to really hit the ground running in June. Currently we are working through the final weeks of bug fixing and testing and things are looking really well.

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TQ: Immortal Throne

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