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WoW: Figurines & New Map @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2006-06-14 06:52:00
Brady Games has brought out a new World of Warcraft map.
The new World of Warcraft World Map from BradyGames is a perfect blend of form and function. Whether you put the detailed artwork on display or use it to make your way through Azeroth, this two-sided poster makes a great addition to your game room or World of Warcraft collection.

Side 1 shows a map of Azeroth, unfettered - with a clear view of the topography of the continents. Side 2 includes all flight paths, as well as labeled cities, dungeons, and regions. The full-color, large-format design fits standard 36" x 48" poster frames, and it ships rolled in a tube to prevent fold marks. This exclusive map is only available at BradyGames.com.
Also making headlines at the official World of Warcraft site is a new range of figurines.
Set two of the World of Warcraft limited edition bronze figurines is now available! Made from ink-washed bronze with a very high level of detail, these sixteen collectibles depicting every race and class available in World of Warcraft can be used as playing pieces, bragging rights, or as a cool decoration for your desk. Check them out at the Fantasy Flight Games website.

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