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Bioshock - Screenshot Scenario Contest

by Dhruin, 2007-01-29 20:22:41

2K Games' The Cult of Rapture site for Bioshock has an interesting idea today.  Kicking off a series is the first Screenshot Scenario contest, with new several screens illustrating a situation in-game and a handful of different solutions.  Contestants can write in with different solution ideas to win a Bioshock tee-shirt (and the rest of us can can just check out the screens and situations).  Here's part of this week's scenario:

While in the Kashmir Restaurant, you encounter an enemy wielding a pipe. As he comes to attack, you shoot him, but only hit him in the leg.

Wounded, but not fatally, he comes to attack you. You only have one bullet left in your pistol, but, as you can see from the first screen, you have the Electro Bolt plasmid (which is why the veins in your hand are glowing blue.) How do you stop this guy before he bludgeons you to smithereens?

If you are a good shot, you can blow him to bits with a headshot using your one remaining bullet. This is effective, and probably the fastest possible option, but dicey, as you never know if you may need that last bullet for another enemy waiting around the bend. And you can’t count on finding more in a timely fashion.

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