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ES4: Knights of the Nine - Review @ GamerDad

by Txa1265, 2007-01-30 04:52:34

In their longest review in nearly a year, GamerDad details all of the modules making up the retail package for the Knights of the Nine content pack.  The final score is a below average 3/5, with criticisms similar to the following:

Mehrune's Razor: Now *this* is a quest! A huge dungeon full of atmosphere and interesting areas and loads of enemies. Unfortunately it is also littered with every other problem that plagues Oblivion - scaled enemies, scaled drops and scaled chests. It is a sort of cognitive dissonance - you are working your way through a nicely designed and atmospheric dungeon that is mostly empty and contains a bunch of enemies that are easily defeated. All of this for a single excellent weapon and a decent armor set that you will probably just sell since you already have something better. I was very disappointed with this module - such a great dungeon full of possibilities left unrealized in a sea of scaled blandness. Had it presented an actual challenge and more than a minor reward it would have been worth purchasing by itself. 

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