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AO - Lost Eden - Interview @ The Game Musketeers

by Inauro, 2007-01-31 21:09:52

The Game Musketeers chat with Funcom's Morten Byom and Craig Morrison about Lost Eden, the latest expansion pack for Anarchy Online.

Anarchy Online has overcome many obstacles to have a long and successful run in the MMO world. What do you believe Lost Eden will have to offer new users to the Anarchy Online Game?

Lost Eden makes several areas of the game much more accessible to players. Previously players really had to be a member of an established organisation (what we call guilds in AO) to be able to access alien content. Now they are able to join pick up teams and take the new alien mothership missions on their own schedule whenever they want. Likewise with the addition of the new vehicles and PVP options even if players don’t have a ‘perfect’ build for PVP they can now choose to use a vehicle instead and really feel like they are contributing to a battle!

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