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Depths of Peril - Interview with JeuxVideoPC

by Dhruin, 2007-01-31 21:30:08

Soldak Entertainment has been interviewed by French site JeuxVideoPC about their RPG with strategy overtones, Depths of Peril.  An English translation is available at the Soldak site, which is where we are linking.  Here's a sample:

JeuxVideoPC.com: What degree of influence will the player have on the story, his steps and his end? Will the story of DoP be more close of a hack n’ slash story, of a “free way” rpg like Oblivion, or more of a Japanese dirigist game?

SP: Depths of Peril works very differently than most rpgs when it comes to the story since each game works more like a strategy game than a typical rpg.  Each game that is set up has a random world with random enemy covenants in it and plays until one covenant claims victory over the rest of the covenants.  So each game has lots of freedom and no storyline per se.

However, having said that there is a large amount of background story that the player can find in the game in the form of tomes.  Each of these is a short story, a history, or a myth.  So far put together these stories are about 60,000 words total (about half of a novel) so there is a lot of background story that can be read.

DR: There is no in-game story the player must play through. The collectable tomes tell about the history and life in Aleria. Monsters the player faces in the game, he can read about in the stories. They become more than the animated graphic on the computer screen. They become alive in the player’s mind.

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