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Warhammer - AoR - Interview @ Ten Ton Hammer

by Dhruin, 2007-01-31 22:41:13

Titled Ten Minutes with Jeff Hickman is an interview with the Mythic Senior Producer at Ten Ton Hammer on Warhammer:

Ten Ton Hammer: Speaking of "working for the game," What kind of resources are you devoting to Warhammer Online?

Jeff: We have about 150 people working on the project, which is massive, especially for us. I think when we launched Camelot we had 28 people, I think I was employee number 27 or something like that when we launched Camelot. So we're way above and beyond. Warhammer is such an effort for us. It's a game completely different from what we do with Camelot as far as the level of depth that we're putting into everything we do. The amount of detail in the world, the amount of immersive stuff, just stuff, that's happening environmentally, that is amazingly difficult to do. So we took a lot of time just making sure the game feels like it should.

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