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Drakensang - The Dark Eye - Dev Diary #1

by Dhruin, 2007-02-02 20:40:58

Fansite Drakensang.info has the first part of an ongoing official dev diary, with this particular entry talking about the development team:

I start off with the master mind behind Drakensang and our whole company: Bernd Beyreuther. The entire project began with him and his dream of a new The Dark Eye computer game. With the creation of his own company Radon Labs he placed the fundaments to make his dream come true. As Creative Director, he makes sure we keep true to this vision and he is the one that sharpens the team’s awareness of the spirit of The Dark Eye universe.

A German version of the diary can also be found at Drakensang-Welten.

Thanks Avantenor and Alrik!

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