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Spellforce 2: Review @ Gaming Illustrated

by Dhruin, 2006-06-14 08:15:00
Gaming Illustrated is the latest site to review Phenomic's Spellforce 2. The score is 8.8/10 and here's a sample:
To blend both RTS & RPG games together in one title is a very ambitious task that Spellforce 2 actually pulled off pretty well. Playing the single player campaign, you create an Avatar that serves as the central character through the game, and pick up heroes, whom you can mold and shape. Pick up weapons, level up, and add skills in a robust skill tree (tons of them!) just like your favorite RPG game, such as Dungeon Siege. Experience points are picked up from killing boss monsters, or finishing secondary or primary quests. From there, you can control armies and bases just like an RTS title such as WarCraft III, building up particular structures, creating units, and conquering the map against the enemy. The missions are lengthy and the first player campaign will keep gamers entertained for 40 hours minimum.

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