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Vanguard - Jeff Butler Interview Pt.2 @ Vanguard Vault

by Dhruin, 2007-02-04 00:31:02

Fansite Vanguard Vault has a pretty nifty interview with Sigil's Jeff Butler looking at the release and future plans:

Vanguard Vault: Are there any plans for PvP mechanics such as arenas, duels, battlegrounds, guild vs guild, etc for the PvE servers?

Jeff Butler: Yes. Because we built a big world, we want to explore not only mounted combat, flying mounted combat, ship-to-ship combat. Thinking about a big, expansive world--I must in Vanguard, some day in the future, be standing on the crest of a hill with an army of horsemen and infantry, looking across the field at another army and call the charge. We WILL see that stuff in Vanguard, its got to happen. Its the sort of play experience that the game was intended to deliver from its conception... being able to sail up alongside an enemy guild vessel and fire the cannons and sink them... that's the sort of thing that we really want to see. Its hard to say with today's technology how many horsemen and infantry can be seen on the screen at the same time, but even if its just my guild versus yours, it should be really fun.

We'll try explore the use of some of the islands out in the ocean for some sort of ongoing PVP struggle that involves control of territory. If you're familiar with Warsong Gulch, that sort of style of PvP. Not instanced, but find a way to reset it on a regular basis. I think we've got some pretty good ideas how to bridge that gap and come up with a pretty engaging PvP experience. You should expect to see, I would say arenas right off the bat, but you should expect to see certainly some Battlegrounds-style PvP plans in the works in the near future.

We have the ability in terms of the structure of our game to instance a zone. We decided that's not how we were going to approach the game. We acknowledged we may have to move to instancing so we allowed for it in our engineering just in case that's how it shook out. It turned out not to shake that way, we ended up with more than 5000 players on one server during Beta and we were able to run successfully. But instancing on things like islands in the middle of the Ocean, a la Battlegrounds, is a possibility, it could be the easiest way to do it. We'll see--its not going to be our default, I think we're going to try and figure out a way to do it with a shared experience first.

Oh, and PvP Diplomacy is on the way as well...

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