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Gothic 3 - Review @ GamesFirst

by Dhruin, 2007-02-04 20:40:22

GamesFirst has an curious (though short) review of Gothic 3 but despite the obligatory mention of Oblivion, they've eschewed a comparison with the two in favour of a pairing with World of Warcraft.  The score is 4/5 and here's a snip:

Gothic 3 has the feel of World of Warcraft. It's one of those games that draws a dedicated community, where beating the game is a labor of love. But it also has a similar look to it - there's even the horde and the alliance, even though they aren't called that. Your character, the nameless hero from Gothic 1 and Gothic 2, starts out neutral when he comes to the main land where the game takes place, but he can choose to support the humans (WoW's Alliance) or the orcs (WoW's Horde) or even a neutral third party (WoW's, uh, Tinkerer's Union). He also fights against trolls and other WoW-ish monsters. Heck the game is even made up of three different zones: the forest, desert and tundra.

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