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Vanguard - Interview @ GameSpy

by Inauro, 2007-02-05 21:18:18

GameSpy speaks to Jeff Butler, the co-creator of Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, about the game's recent launch.

GameSpy: First off, how is Vanguard being received? From your perspective, what's the response been like?

Jeff Butler: Vanguard is being received, in every measure, as I would have hoped it would be received at launch. We couldn't have had higher ideals and goals in mind when we set out to put Vanguard together. We aimed it at what we considered to be the "core," the "glue" player of massively multiplayer games, and of course we've had many debates over the years about how that guy or girl has changed. What he was looking for, what his expectations were in a massively multiplayer game; there's been evolution from the core Vanguard intended gamer on day one of concept and today, for sure, as the industry has grown larger, as it's changed and shifted, but in general, I think 75% of what we intended Vanguard to be in terms of features, systems, so on and so forth is there today at launch, which is as much as I would have ever hoped for. Every bit I could have hoped for, given everything I know about the industry and the genre, and all of the systems - all of the innovations and things that we tried to push the envelope on - are fun. I am pleased. 

Source: GameSpy

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