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Geneforge 4 - Released for Windows!

by Dhruin, 2007-02-05 22:37:15

Spiderweb has released Geneforge 4: Rebellion for Windows:

You are a rebel, given the power to craft life and sent to fight the Shapers. At least, that is what they told you to do. Will you fight your oppressors? Or will you join them, tempted by the incredible rewards they offer? You have the chance to change the world. What path will you choose?

Geneforge 4: Rebellion features:

  • Enormous world, with over 80 areas to explore.
  • Choose among several sides, each with its own beliefs, cities, and quests. Help the rebels or fight them. Your choices will shape the world.
  • Dozens of different endings.
  • Many paths to victory. Slay your enemies or use stealth and diplomacy to outwit them. Become engrossed in the storyline or just go out and wreak havoc.
  • Lots of replay value.
  • Prior experience with the Geneforge series is completely unnecessary.

Hit the link to download the huge demo and watch for our review in the next week or two.  Thanks also to numerous readers who wrote in on this.

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