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Gods & Heroes - Preview @ GamesDynamite.de

by Inauro, 2007-02-06 21:42:07

GamesDynamite.de previews Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising (in German) and the official site kindly provides an English translation.

However, as the name Gods and Heroes already indicates, they choose not only a hero, but, in addition, still a protective divinity in whose service they position themselves. Every character class may choose between two gods. While soldiers decide between Minerva, the goddess of the wisdom and the war, and Mars, to the impetuous god of war, gladiators reach alternatively to Fortuna, the goddess of the destiny and the victory, or to Jupiter, the uppermost God of the Romans. For the other classes there are Diana, goddess of the hunt, Bacchus, God of the passion and the wine, or Juno, goddess of the marriage and morality (no miracle with this husband ...) for the choice.

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Gods & Heroes

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