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ES4: Shivering Isles - Preview @ VoodooExtreme

by Dhruin, 2007-02-08 20:23:46

VoodooExtreme is the next site to toss up some hands-on impressions of Shivering Isles:

Just how is this dramatic claim embodied? The expansion starts with your character hearing a rumor that a strange door has appeared on a small island in the Niben Bay near Bravil, and that it should be investigated. The island is small, and is topped by what can be described as a giant, mutated Easter Island-like head with three faces. Everything seems different: rocks, grass, plants, water, etc.. We find strange mushrooms growing ubiquitously, with names like Putrid Gigantea (putrid with mottling and some green slimy nodes on it), Worm's Head and something called a Mushroom Tree Sapling.

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