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Sacred 2 - Preview @ ActionTrip

by Dhruin, 2007-02-12 20:19:16

ActionTrip is the latest site to offer up a preview of Ascaron's Sacred 2:

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel boasts major changes after its predecessor. This time around, the developers decided to move away from the time-honored isometric perspective, fitting the game into highly detailed 3D surroundings. Still, it was revealed that Sacred 2 is pretty much an action-RPG at heart (as it was before). When it comes to the in-game world, many things are different and so are the characters and races that dwell in it. Accordingly, a whole bunch of brand new character classes will be on offer. For the present, only the mighty angel-like Seraphim see a certain return in Sacred 2. Whether we'll actually see a comeback for classes like the Dark Elf, Vampiress, Wood Elf, Gladitor and others, remains to be seen.

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