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Loki - Interview @ AceGamez

by Dhruin, 2007-02-12 20:29:14

The Loki site seems to have revamped since we last looked and is pointing out an interview with AceGamez. The conversation is undated but isn't in our database, so hopefully it is new. Here's a sample:

ML: In terms of gameplay, how would you describe Loki overall? Does it basically stick to action RPG conventions with plenty of linear dungeon crawling and mouse-click hacking and slashing, or is there more to it than that, like environmental puzzles, non-linear level designs and/or elaborate quests to keep the pacing fresh?

Cyanide: An action RPG fan will easily find his feet and there are plenty of main and secondary quests to keep him busy. However, there are a few subtleties that give Loki its own identity. The highly developed system of weapon and armour personalisation, mentioned above, is something that sets Loki apart from many action RPG games.

The same goes for the skill system. There is very little that is automatic about skills, so a player will have to be very much involved in how they are built up and used. Each of the heroes worships 3 gods and each god confers a given set of skills. Skills vary from hero to hero, so, for example, within the Aztec heroine's 3 skill trees there are spells allowing her change shape or to move into the spirit world, whereas the Egyptian can call on an arsenal of fire and lightning.

It should also be noted that generation of levels, and their concomitant items and monsters, is random except for the final bosses. This means that the game can be played over and over again without ever following the same route.

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