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Vanguard - Database @ Curse

by Dhruin, 2007-02-12 20:42:25

Acleacius dropped us a line about a site and software that might be of interest to Vanguard players.  Curse is hosting a Vanguard database (along the lines of Thottbot), with data collected from users running an application you can grab there.  Silky Venom also has an interview with the creator:

2. In your own words, please describe what exactly your program does.

This can become very technical but I’ll avoid that going into any inner details. The software basically interfaces with Vanguard via the dynamic link libraries provided by the game. While these DLL’s do not provide a proper interface one can use it if you reverse engineer the client. All reverse engineering done was for pure interoperability purposes. The game exposes a lot of functionality that can be used for this type of application and many other types of applications. The application then uses these DLL functions to query for game state information. It was really important that the software didn’t have a negative impact on performance. So far none of our users have complained about performance being affected negatively and as far as we can tell there’s no real measurable performance difference.
Currently the client fetches information about all the items you have in your inventory, all quests you have active, quest sources and quest targets, everything you see, loot information, when you click item links and character profile information. This may be extended in the future to include spell, skill information and more.

All this information is the sent to a central server for processing.

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