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Vanguard - Interview @ GamerNode

by Dhruin, 2007-02-13 23:11:33

Sigil's Nick Parkinson has been interviewed at GamerNode about Vanguard:

Brendon Lindsey: Whenever a new MMORPG is released, gamers immediately want to know what exactly is going to be different about it and whether or not they should switch over from their current game. What is the most unique feature about Vanguard: Saga of Heroes compared to other MMORPGs on the market, and why should fans switch?

Nick Parkinson: Two major things will separate us from the crowd and are why folks should play Vanguard. First, our visual style - the late master fantasy artist Keith Parkinson served as art director at Sigil until he passed on in late 2005. He established the look of Vanguard through the eyes of a painter and as a result, it feels much more alive and organic - much like an oil painting.

Depth of game play is the other big thing. There's just so much to do. Gameplay is broken into three separate spheres. Two of them, adventuring and crafting, should be familiar to most players. But the third, diplomacy, is something that's pretty new to the MMOG genre. In addition to that you've got player owned houses in non-instanced plots, player created and owned ships, flying mounts that aren't set on tracks and the freedom to explore anyplace that you can see.

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