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Dungeons of Chaos - Update 2.1.010

by Hiddenx, 2017-11-05 08:38:47

Update 2.1.010 for Dungeons of Chaos is now live:


v2.1.010 is now live and brings the following:

  • after you have finished the game, a new game mode will appear when you start a new game; you can try the game with a preset party, preset difficulty and sometimes cap to achievement xp. Succeeding with any of these trigger new related achievements.
  • new boss: draco lich. and in-fight minions and surrounding undead minotaurs. all in new map: crumbling minotaur keep. new boss is the biggest yet and has nasty tactics
  • reduced the array of armor and shields that BA/BE can use. they should bash and kill, not tank and block like a knight.
  • added some new shields, will soon be added as unique loot or arena rewards
  • lifted str/dex requirements for some powerful armor.
  • added a new armor, will soon be added as unique loot or arena reward
  • changed both BA and BE level rotation bonus to "str","hp","armor +8","str","resist elem +3”,"hp","str"
  • fixed an issue where offhand weapons were deemed in use when fighting unarmed (fists or cestus/knuckles)
  • the rogue in the chapter 1 smuggler village now sells some basic offhand items
  • added RAGE to the skills the berserkers train
  • fixes speed bonus on juvenator staff

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