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Vanguard - Review @ TrustedReviews

by Dhruin, 2007-02-15 20:07:54

Another day, another Vanguard review - this time at TrustedReviews with a score of 7/10.  Here's an excerpt:

‘Bigger’ and ‘more’ are very much the themes here. The world itself – Telon – consists of three huge, completely explorable continents, modelled after European, Asian and Middle Eastern settings. You also get a huge range of character races and classes and some enormous skill trees to start off with, plus such lofty long-term goals as flying mounts to ride on and virtual property you can build and decorate. There are even areas that you’ll only be able to access by air or boat. ‘Forget the other MMORPGs’, Vanguard seems to be saying ‘I want to be your one and only, not just now, but for the rest of your life.’

Source: Bluesnews

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