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Loki - Interview #2 @ RPG Vault

by Dhruin, 2007-02-16 23:19:49

The second part of RPG Vault's interview with Monte Cristo on Loki is online, covering everything from combat to multiplayer:

Jonric: Can we expect to fight a broad assortment of opponents, and what are some interesting or unusual examples?

Yannick Fleurit:
There are more than 150 monsters in Loki, mainly based on the mythological bestiaries. Each world has its own bestiary, plus a base of standard enemies that can be found across all the worlds, such as soldiers from Seth's army. There are monsters of very different sizes and powers as well as elite ones that are a lot tougher to defeat, and against which you can really benefit from using special attacks.

The most powerful monsters are the bosses. They are very often gigantic and fearsome. You will face the Minotaur, Fenrir the giant ice wolf, or Fafnir the dragon. They all have impressive powers, and some will require a degree of cunning to defeat.

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