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NWN - Layonara SP Module Released

by Dhruin, 2007-02-17 03:08:54

The folks behind the respected NWN persistent world Layonara wrote in to let us know they have released a SP module with a strong roleplaying emphasis, along with a feature called "Ambiguous Interactive Dungeons", which "allows for direct interaction in a graphical environment, very much like the old text games (Zork for instance)".  Here's the blurb sent in:

Layonara Studios is proud to present a NeverWinter Nights module that is heavy in Role-play and immersion in to the World of Layonara.

Bloodpool. The very name should send cold chills down your spine. Created prior to the great cataclysm by Sinthar Bloodstone in his crusade to annihilate Dragon kind on Layonara, these pools of destructive force would later serve to pull him back to the land to exact his plans of domination and revenge on those who banished him for his crimes against the races.

The year is 1388 and there have been whispers in dark corners that a pool has been created or restored somewhere on the continent of Mistone. In a solitary seaside tower stands a force that may hold the key to its destruction or perhaps its harness. Forces collide for some may wish to rid the world of the menace of the pool yet others may seek to serve its master or even to harness its force for themselves.

You are but a raw recruit on your first mission in the entourage of a Mistonian Diplomat. Your caravan is seeking one who holds the key to these pools of despair. These are dark times and even routine travel can be dangerous. Out of the night comes the attack. Bugbears pour over the hills and advance on your small caravan. The battle roars around you then a sharp pain snaps above your eyes. Blackness drops over you...

You may download this module for NeverWinter Nights from:


Enjoy the game!

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